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21 days to build a habit

          Athlete: Massy Arias Photo From:  http://www.massyarias.com I am challenging myself to wake up at 4:50 am everyday to work out for as long as I possibly can, I will constantly remind myself of the goal that I want to reach and surround myself with the motivation to attain it. Sometimes we […] Read more…


Being 20 something

                Photo: http://www.hellogiggles.com Being 20 something is the best, This is the time where we start to build our future. People get married, have kids, graduate college, start a businesses, land the dream job, buy a house, fall in love, get saved,  grow up, loose friends, make friends, […] Read more…


Ask for a raise – Lean in

                        Photo: http://www.leanin.org I encourage women all the time to LEAN IN, how are we suppose to achieve anything if we’re scared? You have to build the courage to believe in yourself and ask yourself what you are worth. Don’t settle for the first […] Read more…


Super Woman

Lately I’ve been around so many amazing mothers, I notice all the everyday challenges mothers have and I’m always in awwww… I mean I see mothers working full time jobs, having their own businesses, being wives, going to school, working out, having to take care of daily chores, run errands and everything else they do […] Read more…



Health is such an important topic in everyones life, I have found myself making it a lifestyle more than a strict diet, being healthy could actually be super fun & a lot to experiment with, not only that but your body will definitely start to show. Your skin will clear up, you will start loosing […] Read more…


New Year New You?

I know everyone has new goals they want to really reach for this year which is awesome!! Some of us have been procrastinating for so long now. It’s go time, you know that six pack you’ve always wanted? what is holding you back from starting to choose healthy over everything else? I know it may […] Read more…

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